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Our Guide to Buying

Find Your Perfect Home

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Location, location, location. You must’ve heard that before. But that’s because, much of the time, that’s what real estate is all about. And never is it more true than when you’re buying a home. Our team of real estate experts has the local knowledge, skills and experience to help you through the buying process. From property hunting and price negotiations to mortgage offers and legal paperwork, we’ll help you meet your goals, whatever they may be. Let us get you started, your dream home is waiting and we just can’t wait to help you find it.



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Your Home Buying Process

First, you decide you want to buy a home

Meet with Your Rhino Realtor®

Talk to a Lender to get Pre-Approved for a mortgage

Let's begin searching for your new home

Submit an Offer, Get it Accepted - 

Now The Clock Starts

Loan Process Begins

Get a professional Inspection on the home

Appraisal is completed

Loan is sent to final underwriting

Waiting to hear "Clear to Close" from Lender -

Closing docs sent to title

Closing time

Time to Move into Your New Home

Ready to start your search?

Rhino Realty Pros is here to help you find your next new home.

Contact us today to start your home buying process.

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